Which Pokemon Are You?

Have You Ever Sat And Pondered Which Pokemon You Were? It's An Interesting Question; Don't You Wish To Know? Well, Look No Further, You've Stumbled Upon The Golden Key To Open That Lock!

Are You A Sweet, Powerful, Alluring, Or Funny Pokemon? These Questions Will Poke At Your Inner-Psyche To Discover Your Precise Pokemon Ipseity. Good Luck! ^-^

Created by: Wilder :P

  1. What is your element?
  2. Who is your fav pokemon?
  3. Snack time! Let's grab,
  4. Leisure Time! So, What's On The Agenda?
  5. Describe Your Best Friend!
  6. What's Your Favorite Color (Sorry; You Knew It Was Coming)?
  7. Where Are You Most At One With Nature?
  8. How Would People Who Know You Describe You?
  9. Favorite Pokemon Game?
  10. Favorite Actor?

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Quiz topic: Which Pokemon am I?