What sport is best for you?

Sports are something everyone can enjoy, but some don't have the mind-set to do certain sports. Do you know which sport you can play? Many people don't. This test will allow you to figure out which sport to try first.

Are YOU hand-eye corrdinated to play a sport in which people actually enjoy? If you aren't, you can work with that. Thanks to this quiz, its all about what's going on up in your head

Created by: lane
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  1. Your mom tells you to help your little sibling with a class project, you...
  2. your friends ask you to go watch a movie with them...
  3. ...?
  4. Quick, Nickleback, AC/DC, radio station, or pee wee hermon.
  5. Pick one
  6. asdfjkl;
  7. alright, its almost over, did you like it?
  8. if jenny is starting a rumor about mike not liking girls, even though he does, just because she doesn't want people to know she likes him, what would you do?
  9. movies or park?
  10. when i say hilshire you say farms, hilshire...

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