What Sonic OC are you?

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I created this quiz for sonic fans and oc creators! I hope everyone will like it! There are only sonic ocs which are female... Hope that doesn't make males angry...

If any of you have an idea on another quiz contact me on hangouts google, if you don't have them add me on mewe the link is here... in this quiz. Enyoj!

Created by: Cynder the Dragon of add me on MeWe
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  1. Are you Brave?
  2. How 'bout you and adventures?
  3. And Friends? What about you and them?
  4. Your favorite color?
  5. Do you like jewelry?
  6. who you think you got?
  7. See ya on another quiz! (this does still have an effect)
  8. Just for fun: are you my friend?
  9. Fun 2: are you a sonic fan?
  10. Now really bye!

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Quiz topic: What Sonic OC am I?