Are YOU Sonic Fan?

Many think of themselves as true Sonic fans. Many TRUE Sonic fans wonder if they live up to their name. HOWEVER! Only FEW can call themselves TRUE sonic fans!

Even us true Sonic fans must earn our right to even dare call ourselves true Sonic fans! I did! And you can too! Take this quiz and test your knowledge! Can you earn your place among us? Well? CAN YOU?!

Created by: TrinityTheHedgehog

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  1. What color is Sonic?
  2. Who is Sonic's rival in Sonic X? (Episodes 1-32)
  3. Who is Sonic's rival in Sonic X?(Episodes 33-78)
  4. How many girlfriends has Sonic had? (To Sonic Fangirls: That DOESN'T mean you/your fan-fiction character)
  5. What are Sonic's forms? (Yes, Normal Sonic counts)
  6. Who comes to mind when you hear "Past, Present, and Future"?
  7. Who represents Past?
  8. Who represents Present?
  9. Who represents Future?
  10. Who were Sonic's girlfriends? (I saved this for the end so you couldn't cheat x3)

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Quiz topic: Am I Sonic Fan?