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  • Sith Warrior! Hell yeah! Thise Jedi fools will die without mercy at my blade. Glory to the Sith!

    Eternalsmiley Jun 6 '18, 6:19PM
  • Sith Adept. Meh.

    RogueJedi Apr 6 '18, 5:17PM
  • I'm a sith adept, but I'm still pretty powerful

    Darth Serpent Oct 2 '15, 5:36PM
  • Master

    Wolffe Apr 29 '15, 3:19PM
  • Adept. Aw man!

    Ariana9 Sep 19 '14, 2:00AM
  • Master! YAY!!

    KillerAngel47 Jul 18 '14, 8:23AM
  • Adept

    You are quite skilled in the force. You've only recently learned force attacks and haven't mastered them just yet. Your light saber skills are quite impressive, yet you can be rash sometimes. Keep your head cool and dedicate yourself to becoming a powerful sith.

    Nice! XD

    DarthVader Sep 16 '13, 11:27PM
  • bugs

    godofminecraft56 May 29 '13, 8:13AM
  • me: (red bar goes 3/4 full under master) Master BI-
    Zoey (my dog): *yawns*
    me: Aw you're so cute! Who's a cute puppy? Who's-
    Zoey: *bites my hand*
    me: Ow!
    Zoey: Don't talk that way to me, sith "master"
    me: I'm a better sith than you'll ever be!
    (me and Zoey go into long argument about who's better, Zoey takes the quiz and gets a full bar on master, every other bar for the other results is empty)

    GarmSkulblaka Dec 31 '11, 1:10PM
  • Adept. Whateves.

    Starwars lover Apr 16 '11, 10:33AM

    archxhunta Mar 24 '11, 6:12PM
  • Just a warrior =( oh well jedi are cooler anyway.

    Ellis Redding Oct 19 '10, 12:02AM
  • I'm a Sith Master!

    TheStarWarsFan1 Apr 30 '10, 10:18PM

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