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  • OMFG you know who syestem of a down is :0 i thought i was the onlu one.
    i got Syestem Of a Down:
    WHY THE ALWAYS SEND THE POOR... marching foward hypocrtic and hypnotic computers you depend on our protection yet you feed us lies from the table cloths dancin in the desert blowing up the sunshine...

    18ferran11700 Apr 5 '15, 11:36PM
  • every time we touch, i get this feeling! and every time we kiss i swear i can fly! cant u feel my heart beat fast, i want this this to last! i need you by my side. cause every time we touch, i feel it starting! and every time we kiss i reach for the sky! cant u feel my heart beat slow, i cant let u go! i want u in my life! cascada hyrulians! yea!
    i luv this song... in fact i sang it for a crowd once... CREEPY!!!!!!

    Princess Zelda Apr 11 '12, 11:02PM
  • everytime we touch, i get this feeling! and everytime we touch i swear i can fllyyy! is that how cascadas song goes???? *confuggled* 0.0

    graceegan Apr 11 '12, 5:55PM
  • i got Adele..!! im a singer but i dont think i sound like her.. but yeah

    DarellDianne Apr 11 '12, 2:30AM
  • What singer do you sound like?
    Your Result: You sound like Cascada!
    Cascada has a very beautiful,interesti ng voice and many people adore her. She is liked by and listened to by many fans. Her hit "Everytime We Touch" fits your life perfectly.

    graceegan Apr 10 '12, 7:35PM
  • I love Cascada. she's awesome. i like her song "Evacuate the Dance Floor." "Everytime We Touch" is good, too.

    AllyJ Apr 10 '12, 1:04PM
  • Adele i got them

    des4life Apr 10 '12, 2:54AM
  • I got DEALE............YU PS MAN, ADELE!

    Herwe123 Apr 1 '12, 5:50AM
  • Cascada! I LOVE her song Everytime We Touch! ;D It's one of my favorite songs that I had ever heard. GREAT QUIZ! (:

    Shiny_Starr Apr 1 '12, 2:26AM

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