What singer do you sound like?

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Are you interested in finding out who you sound like when you sing?? Well,you want to know how? Take this quiz and find out! It's not the best quiz,but it's pretty good!

I see you've read further. Good job. Now, why don't you give this amazing quiz a try? C'mon...I know you want to! So,what're you waiting for?! Really?!

Created by: frannur45
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who do you like best?
  2. How do people describe your singing?
  3. Somebody calls your very best friend "Stupid jerk!" What do you do?
  4. How often do you sing?
  5. Do you like England or the U.S.A better?
  6. Do you like rock/heavy metal or calmer sweeter songs?
  7. Do you like dance music? (where it makes you want to get up and dance)
  8. Have you heard of the song Kryptonite?
  9. Have you ever sang before an audience?
  10. Last question..

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Quiz topic: What singer do I sound like?