Can You Be A Singer?

There are many people who sing, but few of them are legends. Singer is one who sings with dignity, he/she knows to express their feelings through a song. They can change your mood with their song.

Are you a singer? Do you have the ability to convey emotions with your voice? You can get all these answers with this singing quiz, go ahead and find out!

Created by: Laxmi
  1. Do you sing a song with feeling?
  2. In how many octaves can you sing?
  3. Do you try to write lyrics of song?
  4. Why you wanna be a singer?
  5. What kind of voice quality you have?
  6. Do you have your own singing style?
  7. Can you sing in front of people?
  8. Do you sing technically?
  9. What people around you say about your singing?
  10. Do you know to play any musical instrument?

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Quiz topic: Can I Be A Singer?