What Kind Of Singer Are You?

Do you sing? Love doing it? Not sure what style you may sing? Here's your quiz! With only 12 questions, we guarantee that in a matter of 3 minutes or so we will have you sorted and on your way to singing stardom!

We use state of the art techniques to sort you into your type of singing voice by analyzing your every day lifestyle. SCARY ACCURATE! Get your assessment today! Post it up on myspace, Facebook, Hi-5, Piczo.. Anywhere you like... It's your life and results... I'm just here to give you your results.

Created by: Joseph
  1. When given a piece of music to sing, your more likely to:
  2. Your attire on stage is:
  3. The music you love to sing to has:
  4. You know who this artist is:
  5. Which lyrics appeal to you most?:
  6. Your ideal best friend is:
  7. One word/phrase you use/would or will use often:
  8. What's your favorite color?:
  9. What song appeals to you most?:
  10. Which show do you like most?:

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Singer am I?