What should you do with your hair?

Dear Internet, I would like to thank you for taking my quiz. I hope you enjoy it. REad the next paragraph. Bye

Hello Again Internet, Since I am required to write another paragraph, her goes. This quiz is simply about ideas for what you may or may not prefer to do with your hair. This quiz is basically for girls and I do not recommend it for boys. This quiz may not be particularly accurate, though it may include true estimates, the may some false information. I hope you like the quiz. Bye!

Created by: lola

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What best describes you?
  2. curly or straight hair??
  3. How long does it typically take you to do your hair?
  4. Did you like the picture i posted for this quiz?
  5. How often do you get your hair cut?
  6. How do you like your hair?
  7. Will you rate?
  8. Will you comment?
  9. Do you like this quiz?
  10. Last question. Bye!

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Quiz topic: What should I do with my hair?