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  • Cornet

    Madyson_layne Jul 20 '14, 5:25PM
  • I'm a guitar! XD That's exactly how my body is, but I love it lol

    erinjaeger16 Jun 11 '14, 2:49PM
  • Wait.......I mean 36, 25, 36! Typo error :)

    ange Apr 27 '12, 8:37AM
  • I got guitar. Naah!! I'm an hourglass! I measure 36, 25,26
    Cool quiz though! :)

    ange Apr 27 '12, 8:36AM
  • Pear, hmmmm......., none of those things described me either UmbrellaGirl, I have a medium-sized waist, small hips (relative to the rest of me), a teeny tiny chest and a medium bottom and thighs.

    emberscatsootie Dec 9 '11, 8:52PM
  • haha guitarrrr well i doo have a huugeee asssz!!!

    bigg angiee Dec 9 '11, 4:45PM
  • I model, and let me tell you. Everyone is very different and its important to be happy in your own skin. Whether you are big or small, fat or skinny, you are who you are, and you are subject to change.

    Alex13writer Dec 8 '11, 3:30PM
  • Cornet eh close enough I don't have long legs though:(

    glitterchick97 Dec 7 '11, 9:10PM
  • good quiz!! :/

    pkiera75 Dec 7 '11, 1:15PM
  • cornet! yeah, people tell me I should be a model.

    purple3298 Dec 7 '11, 11:22AM
  • i agree with UmbrellaGirl small chest but got mediumish butt

    HPFreak123567 Dec 6 '11, 11:37PM
  • Guitar X) kewl great quiz

    Wolfeyes77 Dec 6 '11, 10:11PM
  • cornett. :D oh yeah! good quiz.

    Kiki rocks Dec 6 '11, 9:36PM
  • I'm Cornet
    So true!

    tabsta1 Jul 19 '11, 6:14AM
  • hourglass, right on the nose.

    rock chick xP Jul 11 '11, 5:06AM
  • perfect quiz! i got cornet

    kawaiiusagi11 Jul 10 '11, 11:27AM
  • guitar lol

    pieiscool1 Jul 9 '11, 9:16PM

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