What shape is your body?

(Girls only please), what's your body shape? Are you curvy? Round? Fat? Skinny? Slim? Perfect? Before you could only look in the mirror or take damn another quiz (both work perfectly well, but this is more fun)! Now you can know exactly what shape your beautiful body is!

Are you an hourglass? Or a cornet? Or a guitar? Or a coke lid? Or a pear? Find out with this most epic and wonderous, spendifferous quiz! Go on, just five minutes to find out?

Created by: Anonymous
  1. How large would you say your waist is?
  2. How curvy are you?
  3. (This may sound awkward) how big would you say your chest is?
  4. (This ALSO may sound awkward {LOL}) How big would you say your butt is?
  5. How fat (or overweight, if you prefer) are you?
  6. What's your best physical trait? (Out of these [well, duh]
  7. Do you like your body?
  8. How much do you jiggle?
  9. Where is most of your fat?
  10. How big is your stomach?
  11. Which description fits you best?

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Quiz topic: What shape is my body?