What SAMURAI 7 Samurai are You?

They were swordsmen of unparalleled caliber. Warriors of extreme discipline. Philosophers who walked the fine line between life and death. Servants whose loyalty was unwavering, and honor was unquestioned. In other words, samurai.

Once there were seven samurai of great renown, who defied the Empire that had forgotten them, in the name of rice, glory, and honor. Their names, like their deeds, have become legend. Which of the famous Seven are you?

Created by: Michelle Travis of Samurai 8 - Tales of Seven Samurai... and one Samuraiko
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  1. Describe your katana.
  2. Describe your kenjutsu style.
  3. Typical battle challenge?
  4. You've just killed someone. How do you react?
  5. What tenet of the code of bushido are you?
  6. What is your role in the group?
  7. How do you meditate?
  8. A group of peasants has hired you to help defend them from the bandits. You have to get them ready - what is your task?
  9. You have the opportunity to do one of the following incredibly heroic things in battle. Which do you do?
  10. How will you die?

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Quiz topic: What SAMURAI 7 Samurai am I?