Spartan or Samurai

Where does your true strength come from? Do you gain strength through war, or servitude. Help youself realise how to advance in life, whether by your own determination, or through help and support.

Are you a Spartan, ready to give his life for glory and honor, and make himself know by his own sweat and determination. Or are you a Samurai, One who becomes legend for his kindness and devotion to what ever task is before him.

Created by: Daniel E.

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  1. You are lined up with your fellow soldiers, The enemy charges you, what do you do.
  2. Your partner is shot through the leg with an arrow, what do you do.
  3. Your war buddy is killed in battle, what is your response?
  4. You have the option to save your partner or kill an enemy general, what do you do.
  5. You get mortally wounded, what do you do.
  6. bow and arrow, or sword and shield.
  7. hide and sneak upon your enemies, or charge and make yourslf known.
  8. You are rejected by your people, what do you do.
  9. WarLord, hero, or Servant
  10. You need money, do you become a Mercenary, a servant, or a soldier.
  11. Save your own life,or you companions?

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