What's your personality style?

this will tell you who you are are you crazy are you nice who knows lets find out take this personality quiz okay just do it take it take it take it yes please please take it

this will tell you about your self are you cool or funnyare you wierd or somthing else nobody knows take this quiz please take it please please please

Created by: India titus

  1. How many friends do you have?
  2. Do you normally say random things?
  3. What are you grades
  4. do you play sports?
  5. are you always showing your real self
  6. Are you in chorus or drama club/dance
  7. do your friends compliment you on your clothes alot
  8. do you go out alot
  9. i had to write this
  10. are you an honors student

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Quiz topic: What's my personality style?