Which artist are YOU?

Artists are known for their style and personality. Many artists have the same personality traits and styles that we do. Try this quiz and find out which artist best fits YOU!

Take this quiz to find out which artist you could be best friends with! It is really fun and you will be talking about it for days.................................

Created by: Miss

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  1. Do you usually give up on your work when you are not working in a space that is best for you?
  2. I usually find inspiration from something that happened in my life.
  3. I like making sculptures. Painting and drawing aren't really my style.
  4. I don't like drawing faces that much.
  5. My favorite color is....
  6. My father keeps me from doing things that I want to.
  7. I like to write in journals and notes. I like to document what I do and my life around me.
  8. I love MONKEYS!
  9. I make artwork for myself and no one else.
  10. I like to make art about politics or big ideas. I like to make people think.
  11. I have been in a car accident before.

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