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  • What Punk/Emo Band Are You?
    Your Result: My Chemical Romance

    Great band, great name... What more can you ask for? Their most famous songs are Helena, Welcome to the Black Parade, and I'm Not Okay. The last is my favorite, along wit Teenagers. You lucky ducky.

    I love them.

    TheLoveOfBands Nov 23 '14, 11:48PM
  • Yay a tie between PATD and MCR yay myfavourite bands yay

    Satana Jul 7 '14, 10:18AM
  • My Chemical Romance. Thier early stuff is simply amazing. 'Emo' bands are the best, but I think that only MCR is really 'emo' out of these. Well, thier early stuff anyways. After that thier music turned to $hit.

    lifesajoke Sep 21 '11, 10:47PM
  • The Offspring.

    Yup. Certainly the very best. Excellent Quiz. "Shattered Dreams" is also a very good song.

    I think that if I had gotton MCR I would have taken that bullet for the valentine and rammed it up my own nostril lol and then there would be a good reason for that Panic! at the Disco ;)

    blackkitten Nov 26 '09, 5:57PM
  • Yay! The Qffspring is pretty good! Awesome quiz!

    Anastasia Sep 12 '09, 3:12PM

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