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  • Pika... Pikapi... CHUUUUU!!!
    I liked the quiz. Give it 10/10! *smiling*
    It is the only pokemon that i know.

    MewPurPur Jun 28 '15, 3:43PM
  • I a poke fan

    Epicminerpro Dec 27 '14, 11:22PM
  • Pikachu! Yay TRUE! It describes me well.

    Epicminerpro Dec 27 '14, 11:21PM
  • Meowth? Yikes! I've never liked it! ARGHHH!!!

    sushandkl Nov 11 '14, 2:10AM
  • Munch lax.
    Totally true. XD

    JTheGreat Aug 18 '14, 2:33AM
  • OH MY GOD HAHAHAHA *continue eating* THAT CRACKED ME UP SO BADLY!!! Sorry for caps. Awesome quiz! I got Electabuzz! :D

    Firestar3208 Apr 9 '14, 10:39PM
  • Pikachew!

    pikachew Nov 10 '12, 12:01PM
  • Heracross to the extreme! And the description is accurate. (By the way, I skipped the question about the singers because I don't really like any of them.)

    Kepler Aug 26 '12, 7:12PM
  • Electabuzz. Soooooo Wrong.

    SilverMoon8 May 14 '12, 4:06PM
  • heey its sand i had to ask you something
    soooo well when you made that quiz about DragonFear and Silver cuz of my quiz did you give me credit for the two wolves

    Warriorluver Jul 26 '11, 10:00PM
  • got muchlax. like all pokemon quizes half right. I cant loosen up enough to be silly and immature. Also im not really seem as a slob. I dont tend to make a mess or anything.

    scorpion May 29 '11, 5:16AM
  • I got Pikachu but the personality doesn't match me at all.

    Shereen May 8 '11, 9:39AM

    Selena112 Dec 19 '10, 12:28PM
  • I got Vulpix. I love Vulpix! :D

    Biance Dec 19 '10, 9:17AM
  • Electabuzz

    Keren Dec 19 '10, 3:40AM
  • I forgot to put Congrats! At the end of Vulpix's result, so if you're Vulpix, Congrats!

    Gylfie Dec 18 '10, 11:46PM

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