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  • Lmao anybody else get type B?

    Oneonta Sep 25 '18, 3:15AM
  • Type C. Yeah, that sounds like me, except for the depressed part. I love how accurate this was. Awesome quiz! :P

    Topaz Apr 1 '13, 11:58AM
  • Type B. Accurate! :)

    PurpleCherries Mar 5 '12, 8:26PM
  • I ogt type C: You rarely speak your mind, and you keep your opinions to yourself most of the time. You are probably stressed, or maybe even depressed because no one hears what you have to say. You are very detail oriented, and best suited for technical careers. People probably think of you as shy because of your quiet nature.
    Meh... sounds like me most of the time. I only dont usually speak my mind though because I'll always piss SOMEONE off, or someone will find a way to blame me for something

    spacekitty77 Mar 4 '12, 11:47AM
  • I git type D very accurate and true it describes me perfectly. :)

    Xx_EmoGirl_xX Mar 3 '12, 2:53AM
  • Type B Personality

    The complete opposite of a type A personality, you are very relaxed, and rarely ever feel stressed. Your laid-back personality keeps you from getting too competitive. You may be prone to procrastination. If you have high achievements, they came naturally because you feel no need to do better then others. Just remember, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone.

    kittykit Feb 26 '12, 9:39AM
  • Type D. I've never more truer words

    OZZYIOMMI Feb 25 '12, 8:23AM
  • Lol I posted that twice sorry :P

    flyer586 Feb 24 '12, 7:37AM
  • You can still be competitive if you are a type b, it is only one of the contributing factors:)

    flyer586 Feb 24 '12, 7:36AM
  • You can still be competitive if you are a type b, it is only one of the contributing factors:)

    flyer586 Feb 24 '12, 7:34AM
  • Type D. Accurate

    madid Feb 23 '12, 11:32PM
  • Type b. Not like my at all. Sorry. I am VERY competitive.

    tara the amazing Feb 23 '12, 10:57PM
  • Type A LOL so true!!

    flyer586 Feb 23 '12, 8:23PM

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