What personality type do you have?

There are 4 types of people: type A, type B, type C, and type D. You may have heard about these before but you probably never knew what personality type you are.

In this quiz, you will find out which one of these personality types fits you the best! Are you a type A? A type C? A type B? How about a type D? Just answer the questions to find out!

Created by: flyer586
  1. Are you competitive?
  2. Are you usually busy working on a project?
  3. You have a high sense of time urgency.
  4. Are you laid back?
  5. Are you an overachiever?
  6. Do you procrastinate?
  7. Are you detail oriented?
  8. Do you state your opinions?
  9. Are you stressed out?
  10. Do you have many friends?
  11. Do you have a fear of rejection?
  12. Are you a pessimist?
  13. Why did you take this quiz? (it counts so be serious)

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Quiz topic: What personality type do I have?