What Color Is your Personality?

Do you like colors? Do you like rainbows? Do you enjoy taking quizzes? Have you ever wondered what you're color is; your personality? Your "type?" Now you can!

Are you sad a lot? Are you angry most of the time? Are you just plain enjoying life in general and are never sad? Do you get easily jealous a lot but you love nature? Here's your chance to find out!

Created by: rayray

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  1. Are you...
  2. You see a friend kissing your arch-enemy. Do you...
  3. Your best friend opens up a box of Sour Patch Watermelon at the movies. You really want one, so you...
  4. A dog jumps on you. Do you...
  5. You are crossing a state line. Do you...
  6. Music?
  7. You go shopping. You find the perfect dress, but it's too small. Do you...
  8. Books?
  9. Poetry?
  10. Video games?

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Quiz topic: What Color Is my Personality?