Dating Application

In this wonderful world of dating it can be hard to find someone w/everything you like without some type of tool. Here is a quiz to kind of weed through the crowd and at the same time, let's me get familiar with your personality type. Enjoy!

Have you ever clicked a persons page and wondered if they were actually telling the truth about their personality. Well, I'd like to know about yours! Please take this short quiz and let me in on who you really are!

Created by: Chanel
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What age group do you belong to?
  2. What's your gender
  3. Have you ever had a b/f(g/f) before?
  4. Would you ever consider having sex on the first date?
  5. Who do you think should pay for the first date?
  6. Do you base your likes or dislikes of a woman based on what they own/have?
  7. Would you ever lie to a woman or to her friends/family just to keep them liking you?
  8. Have you ever caused drama before whether it be from your past relationships or with friends/family?
  9. Would you destroy your b/f(g/f) property/belongings if they pissed you off? such as, cheating?
  10. Would you ever marry someone only after knowing them for less than a year?
  11. If a terrible accident put your b/f(g/f) into a parapalegic condition or if they have a disease, will that make you wanna dump them?
  12. Are you Personality > Looks or Looks > Personality?
  13. Have you ever cheated on a girl/guy before? If so, are you willing to change?

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