What Operating System am I?

Are you a Windows fan, Apple fan, Linux fan or Android? Well let's take just a few minutes for you to answer these 12 easy questions to decide! These questions were made by a IT computer programmer.

Are YOU a tech fan? Are YOU the top of your "i"? Are YOU innovative? Let's take a few minutes here to find out which operating system fits you! Only 12 easy questions!

Created by: Forward Evolved
  1. When it comes to a device you prefer:
  2. The looks of my device is very important to me, both UI and design.
  3. Video games are very important to my OS experience.
  4. My laptop, it needs to be touchscreen!
  5. When shopping in app stores or Google Play, you want:
  6. I prefer to install my OS my way and build it my way.
  7. My smartphone needs to present itself looking stunning to others, has a beautiful build and still works great!
  8. Which logo of your personal favorite OS do you like?
  9. Dropped calls are crazy! So is poor smartphone battery life.. What of these you'd really feel the need to fix!
  10. If you can say, one thing you love about technology from this list, which is it:

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