The Nervous System

Find out how well you actually know your systems. Do you know the diseases of the system? The parts of the system? How they interact with other systems in the body?

Do you know the nervous system? Did you pay attention during the presentation or just zone out take this quiz to find out how well you actually know this system.

Created by: AEEC

  1. The Nervous System is made up of?
  2. The Four actions of the Nervous System are?
  3. The three main parts of the brain are?
  4. Some symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease are?
  5. Tourette Syndrome begins?
  6. The Respiratory system interacts with the Nervous System by?
  7. Which cells in the circulatory system keep a blood barrier for the body?
  8. The Retina is made up of what?
  9. The Nervous System work with the Excretory System by?
  10. Multiple Sclerosis is caused by?

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