what operating system do you need 2

this quiz will tell you what operating system you need..............{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}|||||||||||||!!!!!!!!!!!::::::::::::::::::::""""""""""""""""""""""

this quiz has 25 questions no questions asked.................--=======;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;''''''''''''''''\\\\\\\\\\\\\//////////[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

Created by: Tanner9078

  1. do you use a pc or mac or a super computer
  2. what photo editing software do you use
  3. what operating system do you use
  4. what operating system do you use part 2
  5. when did you start using computers
  6. are you over the age of 60
  7. are you under the age of 10
  8. do you use open source software
  9. how good are you at using a computer
  10. do you know what unix is
  11. are you a programmer
  12. are you a gamer
  13. do you use linux
  14. what do you think about when you see the linux mascot
  15. what do you do on your computer
  16. what do you if a computer virus is destroying the internet
  17. did you get a computer virus in a year
  18. how many hours do you use a computer for everyday
  19. do you have a job
  20. are you a hacker
  21. do you work at microsoft
  22. do you work at apple
  23. did you make a linux distro before
  24. do you have a screensaver on your computer
  25. do you ask people for help with a computer

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Quiz topic: What operating system do I need 2