What Linux distribution is right for you?

Ever wanted to try Linux or just wanted to see what distribution would fir you best? Try this quiz here to see what distro best fits your needs and experience with Linux.

Many people may be confused on what distribution they want to start with for Linux so with this quiz you can get a idea for what one you should start out with depending on your experience and what your going to be doing most with it.

Created by: Zodiacal
  1. Would you want a system that works out of the box or one that you can configure to your hearts content and know what you installed.
  2. How long have you used Linux?
  3. Are you going to use any Windows applications?
  4. What are you going to be doing while on Linux?
  5. Which of these installing commands are you most use to?
  6. What will you mostly be using for an interface?
  7. Do you think you will continue to use Linux in the future? (Doesn't effect answer)
  8. Did you come from a previous server OS? If so what was it?
  9. Are you just trying this out to get a taste of how Linux is?
  10. If something stopped working on your distribution do you think you could resolve and fit it?

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