What Nai boy do you date

I maded this quiz for girls who wamts to know what Nai boy do they date I maded this quiz for my manga to it's called Nai so see what Nai boy you date

What Nai boy do you date you could get Nai,Kan,Nai's older brother Ke-Su,Koninu,or Tenka see who you get and will date hope you get who you wants so have a good time taking this quiz

Created by: Enma

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. if a nai boy got you a gift what would it be
  2. if you choose who wants to be with you for battling Kara(nai's and Ke-Su's sister)
  3. If you kiss a nai boy who would it be
  4. If Nai ask you to a date said
  5. What your fav color
  6. you help him train in what
  7. So now he takes you were
  8. if you lived with him were would it be
  9. if he maried you what would be the gift
  10. last question who do you think is the cutest

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Quiz topic: What Nai boy do I date