What naruto boy do you date

There are many girls out there who wants to know what naruto boy they should date so i maded this quiz and hope you like it it was fun for me now for you

What naruto boy do you date in just in a few mins you can see what naruto boy you date i maded for Naruto the show and manga and next you should take what nai boy do you date from my manga

Created by: Enma

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. if he brough you a gift what would it be
  2. if you went on a date with him were would you go
  3. what number date would he kiss you
  4. what is your hair style
  5. who do you like more be hoest
  6. what is your wepon
  7. if you were in a a rank mission who would you be with
  8. if your sensi makes you kiss a boy but you can choose who would it be
  9. if he let you live with him were would it be
  10. if he maried you what would be like the ring

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Quiz topic: What naruto boy do I date