What Naruto character are you

This is a quiz about your personality, it will tell you who you are most lie out of the rookie nine in Naruto (also rock lee is there). It will show you your true personality.

Who do you think you will get, well this basically walks you through the beginning season of Naruto, it also has a few questions that are side tracked.

Created by: Anuto Akurake
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  1. You are walking and a messenger comes and that the Hokage wishes to give you a D-ranked mission and to report to her office, do you?
  2. You just are promoted to Genine what is your reaction?
  3. You are on a C-ranked mission clearly the person who sent the assignment request was holding back on some information, given this information this mission would be A -ranked do you
  4. You succeed in your mission and are getting yelled at by the Hokage do you
  5. The Chunine exams are coming and your sensei tells you that he put you in them your reaction is...
  6. You are taking the first test, you don't know any answers and don't know what to do, but you think you have to cheat to win do you...
  7. you passed the first test you are on the second test where you must survive the forest of death and get the second scroll how do you go about this survival test?
  8. You use your plan and succeed in getting the scroll, only to find out there are the preliminary rounds you are first up and you are now in battle you fight...
  9. You survive the preliminary round and have time to train before the third task the Hokage makes sure not to give any of those Genine any missions how do you spend your free time?
  10. You are promoted to Chunine you are assigned a B-ranked mission to protect the futile lord of the land of grains who do you take as your team of four? (Including yourself)
  11. On the mission you encounter a group of thieves while protecting the Futile Lord how do you react?
  12. Your mission is a success thanks to your skill and coordination you get back to the village what is the first thing you do?
  13. You find out you are Ginguriki when the Hokage comes and tells you the Aktski are after you your reaction is...
  14. Your friend is about to be hit with a life killing blow what do you do?
  15. Finally, who would you hang around between missions

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