Naruto: Who are you in the Rookie Nine?

Ever wondered which of the Rookie Nine you are most like? Then if you take this quiz you can find out! Find out if you're more like the energetic Naruto or the shy Hinata!

This quiz, however isn't guaranteed to have an accurate result because this is my first time to make a quiz guys so, yeah. Good Luck and try to answer as honestly as you can, not just because you think he/she will answer that way.

Created by: Sophia
  1. Which of the following best describes you?
  2. How can you describe your childhood?
  3. What is your hair color? (has little to no effect on the quiz)
  4. Do you have a Kekkei Genkai?
  5. What do you normally use to attack?
  6. If your sensei called you for training and your sensei's getting late what will you do?
  7. If you're trapped in a deserted island with very low chakra and you can only have ONE thing, what will it be?
  8. Look! There's a free 1 bowl of Ramen at Ichiraku's today!
  9. After one full day of training what will you first do when you come back home?
  10. If you had the chance to fly would you take it?
  11. What will you do if your teammate became a rogue ninja?
  12. Hey look it's Sakura!
  13. What will you do if your assigned to an mission with a team you aren't familiar with?
  14. If you had doujutsu what will you use it for?
  15. Will you get mad at me if you don't get the result you wanted or expected to have?

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Quiz topic: Naruto: Who am I in the Rookie Nine?