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"There are many smart people, but few true agents. Agents are, afterall, someone who has drive, energitic, competetive, and able to get along with the public and see the world through an entirely novel point of view. Since we deal with the seniors agents have to be careful not to treat them as their children but more as your parent or grandparent. Keep them focus on their financial freedom, and not let them worry about what if I have to go to a nursing home."

"Are YOU an Agent? do you have what it take to qualify for the Rookie of the year or how about Rookie of the month for the branch office. Verteran agents how would it sound for you to qualify for the President Honors Circle or President Honor Circle ELITE. Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great on-line course and quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out."

Created by: Vivian

  1. Always use white out when you make a mistake on a life insurance application
  2. Agents must initial all line out changes on a life insurance application.
  3. 15084 is use to order APS (medical records).
  4. What amount of insurance coverage should an agent order lab work?
  5. The MIB is the ___________.
  6. Who can be your beneficiary on your life policy?
  7. What form do you need to see why you were denied insurance coverage?
  8. APS is the cumulative clinical record of patient care maintained by a medical provider
  9. Use only a black ink pen when completing the application and any other forms.
  10. The___________ must initial all line outs, changes, or corrections.

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