How hot is your personality?

Thanks for taking this. You'll find that beauty is on the inside too. Dont believe me? Would you date a pure godess if you know she would cheat on you? Would you date a dumb heartless cheerleader? Would you date some cute dude whose outlook on life was dying? Thought not. Prepare to have your soul tested.

ARE YOU HOT ON THE INSIDE?!?! Would you go through fire for love?!?! Would you give a kidney to your lover?!?! Have a great time finding out. I'll be asking the questions, and I'll tell you exactly how suckish you are! JUST LIKE SIMON COWELL!!!

Created by: WildChild

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You are attracted to a boy/girl. How do you get their attention?
  2. Your wardrobe...
  3. Spare time. What to do, what to do...
  4. Animal analogy that suits you.
  5. Favorite Colour
  6. Movie time!
  7. SPORTS?!
  8. Continue!
  9. Myspace, Facebook, Etc...
  10. You and your friend are alone in the woods. He offers you drugs. you...
  11. Back to those painfully akward social questions!
  12. Ideal date?
  13. You want to go out with someone else, but you love your boy/girlfriend. What doya do?
  14. Are you cheating on this quiz right now?
  15. Describe yourself
  16. The girl/boy you crush on is crying because they got dumped. What do you say/do?
  17. (for the dudes!) You have a girlfriend, but the hottest babe in school starts hitting on you. You...
  18. (For the ladies!) What do you like in a man?
  19. Favorite holiday
  20. Music?
  21. That reminds me. CAN you dance?!
  22. How do you think this test will turn out?

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Quiz topic: How hot is my personality?