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  • Awesome! I'm a werewolf! I knew this day would come! (Kidding)

    ShadowBlade Nov 14 '15, 3:33PM
  • darn i took it again and ... different results! im either griffon or angel.

    jessie123321 Jan 20 '15, 7:36PM
  • awesome! im an angel!...I wish!

    jessie123321 Jan 20 '15, 7:31PM
  • Oops sorry 4 spam didn't realize it posted already. My computer glitches a lot.

    derpyblu Jun 15 '14, 7:16PM
  • I got dragon like usual. Thank u for this awesome quiz!!!! So tru!!!

    derpyblu Jun 15 '14, 7:15PM
  • I got dragon like usual. Thank u for this awesome quiz!!!! So tru!!!

    derpyblu Jun 15 '14, 7:14PM
  • I got a pegasus :3

    Hawkbreeze Oct 17 '13, 1:36PM
  • Angel so true thanks

    rentia Aug 18 '13, 11:05AM
  • dragon. i love dragons! nice quiz.

    secret8 Jun 7 '12, 9:19AM
  • Sweet quiz! I agree, maybe I am a griffon, but I DO NOT NEED GUIDANCE!!!! (Did that on purpose) :P

    Alexandra_18o Oct 11 '11, 5:45PM
  • Wired im like a griffin and a warewolf so i got griffin im HAPPY :)
    Loyal hardworking, winged beast, the fierce griffin is a trustworthy friend. One of the more famous creatures, you should be proud of scoring this. valued as a tough fighter, but also dextrous in the ways of the world. Will look to the light to know what to do. Can become sulky and secretive if left without guidance though.

    Bartlett703 Aug 6 '11, 1:09PM
  • just search whatt race are you in the gotoquiz search thing

    Lockattack293 Oct 30 '10, 7:49AM
  • ht tp://[no urls] i had 2 space it out or it couldnt post

    Lockattack293 Oct 30 '10, 7:48AM
  • Cool i got griffin :) Btw anyone wanna check out my quiz at [no urls]

    Lockattack293 Oct 30 '10, 7:47AM
  • angel... rly?

    hihihihihi Jul 10 '10, 6:36PM
  • tatiana, werewolves are fast, strong, stealthy,and have claws and sharp teeth.

    dragonx129 Jun 29 '10, 2:12PM
  • yaaa!im a dragon boy they are crafty,have strong and close friends and are sometimes are bad

    dragonx129 Jun 29 '10, 2:36AM
  • this quiz is a piece of crap. it said i was a werewolf and on some other quiz i took it said i was dragon and i checked about 50 times and it was dragon over and over so thats a piece of crap!

    buckingham24 Jun 20 '10, 12:50AM
  • this quiz is a piece of crap it said i was a werewolf and i took other quizes and it said i was dragon like 50 ( i took it so many times to see if it was correct and it was).

    buckingham24 Jun 20 '10, 12:48AM
  • griffin? oh.WOW. :)

    emerald May 30 '10, 7:34PM
  • wow i got a wyvern....now wat da he!! iz dat?? ive never evn herd uf it...

    XXjust_meXX Oct 17 '09, 3:44PM
  • heh heh heh. wyvern huh?. as for the comment asking what a wyvern is... [no urls] I dont see much wyverns around in many stories or movies. so I dont blame you for not knowing. wyverns are fierce dragon like creatures.

    FireEmblem Oct 5 '09, 3:29AM

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