what movie would you be in

This quiz will tell you what life you would best fit in. do you have survival skills or convincing skills. do you have drama in your life? do you love to do the dangerous?

Do you have what it takes to live in catching fire, or twilight? How about hunger games, or divergent? If your anxious to know take the quiz now. Your life awaits you.

Created by: octavia

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  1. what would you like to do like on the weekends
  2. what is your best reliable in a fight
  3. if you had to choose survival over love what would it be
  4. what two movies should be together
  5. if you have to choose life over family what would you choose
  6. if I went to the hunger games Quarter Quell and the arena was my fear landscape with the voices of my love ones being hurt...
  7. you are about to be bomb by the capitol and you can save one person who would it be
  8. who is your favorite character from the hunger games (wont determine what movie you would be in)
  9. if your sister was reap how would you react
  10. if you would had to choose what life you would want to be in what would it be

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