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  • About the Herobrine thing, I don't think its a myth. Its rare to actually see him in game, its happened to me.

    I also noticed something about the updates, in 1.6.4, 1.7.2,and 1.8, the last detail at bottom is ALWAYS "Herobrine removed." I think Notch (Or Jeb) Is telling us something. Sure there is the mod...s, but its normal for him in game... He only shows in the versions where "Herobrine removed".

  • 44%

    You are a Spider. You are fast and quick, and can go places other Enemies can't. You can climb walls, does that make you Spider Man? No. you are easily stopped by the correct person, and you possess a desire to carry on until the end

    the last bit is very true lol

  • I love minecraft sooo much it's really fun my friends and I play a lot my mine craft name is scarlettsayan13

  • I'm am calm. Normally. If you attack me, I swear it's the last light you'll ever see.

    Zombie pig an fo' sho

    Luv myself
  • Zombie... Zombie... ZOMBIE?!?!?!

  • Yeah baby! I got a spider!


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