what mindless behavior boy is right for you

this quiz is mindless behavior its to see which mindless behavior boy is right for you each question will tell weather you are perfect for either prodigy,roc royal,ray ray or princeton. i hope this helps you and i hope it works.

are you perfect for prodigy, roc royal,ray ray, or princeton. this quiz will determine which mindless behavior boy is perfect for you i hope it helps you.

Created by: Alexis
  1. are you funny and fun to be around and you have a lot of friends and they like you because you are nice fun to be around
  2. do you have a good sense of style and know how to dress and it makes you look good
  3. do you like to talk and like to always be the one with the answers
  4. are you shy or confident
  5. what type of music do you like
  6. whats your favorite color
  7. Whats your favorite accessories
  8. what is your favorite kind of hair style
  9. what do you care about more
  10. who do you like in mindless behavior

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