are you a TV dilettante?

Used to be, people made fun of TV, as something to lull the mindless into quiet complacency at the end of a hard day down at the plant. This is no longer true.

To truly have your finger on the pulse of society, you must go where the new intelligent masses go; into the world of scripted-for-television comedy and drama. Are you fully immersed yet?

Created by: merbelle
  1. What is Dr Temperance Brennan's "real" first name?
  2. Why did Olivia Benson ask to stop being Elliot Stabler's partner?
  3. How was Gerald's first new voice introduced on Hey, Arnold?
  4. Who really shot Julian Crane?
  5. What did Tom Cruise accuse Matt Lauer of being?
  6. Which actor who plays/played a Law and Order boss also appeared in the first TV miniseries of The Stand?
  7. Which Batman actor/actress appeared in an episode of The Famous Jett Jackson?
  8. Which of these bands did not appear in the TV series, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch?
  9. Of these influences on pop pyschology and culture, whose personality was borrowed for a segment of Between the Lions?
  10. What is the dog's name on 7th Heaven?

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Quiz topic: Am I a TV dilettante?