are you a true mindless behavior fan?!

there are only few Mindless Behavior fans in different places but bring them all together and you have a billion of them .Being a Mindless Behavior fan is a privilege to share your love about something with your friends or someone at the concert

So are you mindless?if you don't know what a true Mindless Behavior fan is then come here and you'll find out the truth. A secret may be revealed so come here and learn about yourself when it comes to being a fan!

Created by: jazmyn

  1. How many members are in the group?
  2. What was there first song?
  3. who is Princeton?
  4. who is ray ray?
  5. who is roc royal
  6. who is prodigy
  7. you basically love mindless behavior
  8. are you happy with all of the choices
  9. who's your favorite member
  10. am i preaching the truth to y'all

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Quiz topic: Am I a true mindless behavior fan?!