Mindless Behavior

You are a cool person because you are about to take the Mindless Behavior quiz. Stay Mindless. Everyone is clever in there own way.

Will you pass this quiz? I know you're Mindless because you took time out of your day just to take this quiz that I made. Thank you and stay awesome!!

Created by: Kayla

  1. What is rocroyals birthday?
  2. What is princeton's favorite color?
  3. What is prodigy's mom name?
  4. What is ray ray's favorite accessory?
  5. What was mindless behavior's first song?
  6. Why did ray ray leave Mindless Behavior?
  7. What is rocroyal's real name?
  8. What year did Mindless Behavior form?
  9. Where was princeton born?
  10. Who influenced prodigy to dance and sing?

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