What kind of reenactor are you?

there are lots of kinds of reenactors, some are more strict about their appearence and behavior than others. wether you are a "stitch nazi" or a "farby" you should know that your time a reenactor is appreciated by others.

this quiz is for you to determine what kind you are. do you require all things to be 100% authentic, or are you just a playful and not really care about stuff like that?

Created by: Levi

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  1. Do you bring a sleeping bag to reenactments?
  2. how do you smoke at events?
  3. it is raining and cold. how do you sleep?
  4. you see someone doing something farby/ unauthentic, what do you do?
  5. someone yells "medic", what dose that mean?
  6. you are on the far right of your line. you hear the order "left wheel", are you the pivit?
  7. do you ever take hits?
  8. your gun didnt fire! what do you do?
  9. you have to march through cannon placements, what kind of marching formation should you be prepared for?
  10. the enemy is only about 10 yards away, how should you aim?

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Quiz topic: What kind of reenactor am I?