What matters! Love story part 2

this is part 2 if you do not see part 1 plz click on singin234 for it to show up plz! this one has no love in it. but it has a gun and youre bestfriend violet

is missing with someone eles and you are traped in a class room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and cant get out you have to think of something or you might die!!

Created by: singin234

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  1. Last time we were here Zach had just ran off to class. you walk to history you are late again!! You sit down but the teacher isnt there! Dylan is in this class with you! "Dylan..." You say Dylan is looking around the room. "Shh ?" He hissed "someone in the room has a gun!" You looked at him "Really? Dylan" You dont belive him. He nods He tells you about how it started the teacher (Miss Moon) found a gun near the door and it was real! One of the RC (Rich and cool) girls said "I know you dont belive Dylan! But belive me!" You look around the room. youre eyes winden
  2. When you realised that violet was in this class!!!"Dylan...where is Violet?" He looks at you and says "I dont know!" Then he yells to the class "THEIR ARE 2 PEOPLE MISSING IN THIS CLASS WICH MAKES 14 PEOPLE!BUT THAT DOSENT MEAN THE GUN GUY OR GIRL ISNT IN THIS ROOM!!" A girl her name is kate says "FOR ONCE he is right.." The class look at eachother! who is it
  3. "Wait (Kate says) Hang on who is missing? Dylan" "Well ? said their was 2 people missing!" Dylan said you look at him! He knows who is missing!
  4. You say it clamley "Its...Hey wain a min!" You realise thta you never had video taper! "What is it?" The class yells "Did we ever have a video taper?" You say Kate gives you a look to say What no! "When why is their on right there?" You all start to
  5. Yell "SLINCE!!!!!" You yell over the top of them. they look at you you say "Lets see if its....WHAT ITS GONE!!!!!!!!! NO ONES MOVED!!!!" Kate says "Out the door! COME ON PEOPLE!!" One kid looks at you he dosnt look happy "? ITS LOCKED!!" They all sit back down Kate looks out the window! "What is it Kate?" Dylan asks "Wasnt that window open!" You look where kates looking its locked!
  6. "It was open. Before. They must have came though the window!" You say "Wait... This room cant be locked." Dylan said a idear poped into youre head you told it to everyone you all pushed open the door at once! and fell on the floor. It worked you think happley you find the hole school infront of you! (since you were 1st out of the room!)Youre brother comes up and gives you a hug.
  7. They seem to know what happened. "What about Violet?" you ask "What about her?" Mac says "She was not in the room with us!" You look him in the eye as you say it. He looks at Dylan he nods and says "its true! Oh and Dayrl wasnt here too!" he looks at us then the class "I dont know i though they were in the room with you" A girl in yr 7 said "So their a killer on the lose its out of violet and Daryal?"
  8. "Well...Yes" you say calmley. Zach walked out of the class room with the rest of his class. "Whats happening" Zach asks The head teacher says "THE SCHOOL IS NOT SAFE!! GET THE KIDS OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!" Zach is look at you,dylan,mac(youre bro) and Kate. Collin Walks out of his class and so dose Ty. Collin joins Zach as Ty walks up to you.
  9. He ask you what going on you tell him about it all. Its good to be able to tell someone that wount laugh or run away. You think as you look over to see Dylan laughing and Kate looking like she will run away at any time. He nods then goses off to see Zach and Collin. Ben walks up to you "Hey ? seen Violet?" You yell right at him "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? VIOLET IS MISSING AND YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING THATS HAPPENING?" You feal the anger riseing within you. You want to yell youre lunges out! "oh" He say and runs off
  10. you sit down on a bench ouside the school. Waiting for youre mum!"? mums here"Max yelles. you sit in the Car and tell yuore mum

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