The Love Story That is Yours Part 5

here is part 5 i hope you like it yes i canged eric's name i didnt like it this took me a awhile so i hope u like i always do these when i have something to do

like i said i always do these when i have something to od liek im suposeed to clean my room but thatts boring so im doing this i again hope u like it plz comment

Created by: PersonXD

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  1. You wake up with your head on Derrick. “Morning sleepy head,” He says.
  2. You look up and are so tired all you can manage is a “morning” before drifting back to sleep. You drift in and out of sleep over the next four hours. For some reason every long road trip makes you tired.
  3. Next time you wake up your head is on Jake, “Are you alive?” he asked. You looked at him annoyed cant he leave you alone you only been up one minute. “What’s the time?” you ignore his comment. “She IS alive.” “10a.m.,” said Daniel. “Where are we?” “She SPEAKS in SENTENCES!” this time it was Derrick who said it. “Shut up.” You said. “No she doesn’t.” said ben. You couldn’t believe it you were up 5 minutes and they were already ganging up on you.
  4. “We’re in North Carolina.” Said Daind groggily. You yawned, “Why are you so sleepy? I didn’t see you at breakfast I didn’t until just now, man you slept in late.” “I’ve been up since 1 I was loading the car and helping the officers as well as packing for just about everyone.” “oh.” You thought about for a moment before realizing you didn’t pack. “Thanks.” “Bathroom break” called the officer.
  5. After 30 minutes you were all getting back into the car, you were out of breath from an intense game of tag with the boys.
  6. This time you were put between Danid and Daniel, they were talking about cords for a new song they were working on. You curled up your feet and laid your head down in Danid’s lap. He looked down surprised and nearly jumped when you gave him a look saying you weren’t gonna move. He shrugged and went on talking with Daniel you could see his cheeks redden. You wanted to laugh; Danid put his hand on your head and pet it, like you were a dog you didn’t mind.
  7. You laid there unmoving for an hour, thinking about life. You were going to Kentucky, were going to be there in about an hour and you were going on a shopping trip and you were going to end having to learn how to ride a horse and you were going to be living on a farm. You would be close enough to see Tennessee on the weekends.
  8. “Does anyone know how to ride horses?” you asked. “I do” said Danid he scared you. “Will-“ you started. “Sure ______ I’d be happy to teach you.” Said Danid.
  9. “_________,” said the officer, “I have $3,000 for you to spend on a new wardrobe.” “Um… thanks.” You sputter out. “But you need to readdress your style something different that will go with your new look.” “New look?” you ask.
  10. “We’re here!” you squealed as the officer pulled up to your new house. It was huge ranch that was painted an earth tone and had over 10 acres of farm land you were going to buy horses and pigs and plant veggies and were going to get cows. You were going to love being here. It had 12 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, enough for everyone. You ran in to claim your bedroom to find out that it was already deiced for you it was large room with a HUGE window that you could see every bit of your new back yard. Your room was light green with a pink bit at the top that circles of different shapes and sizes separating the green and pink. The room was fully decorated the only thing was there were no pictures in the frames. You made a mental note that you and the boys had to go and find a place where you could go hang out for a while and take pictures for your new room.
  11. Thx so much for taking my quiz I hope you liked it plz rate and comment and plz plz come back for part 6 kk bye
  12. P.S. who do u love?

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