What mario character are you?

Most peoples play Mario games but you thought TO BE ONE OF MARIO CHARACTERS? you will know if you beat this quiz! There are characters that you can be if you dont want to be come to other quizes Characters: Mario Luigi Koopa Troopa Goomba Bowser Princess Peach Wario Waluigi Boshi Yoshi

So you are enyoing? Please say comments Who you are dont be shamed if e.g. You answered to be Koopa Okay so let's get started! Thank you for playing this quiz enjoy this page and search other quizes

Created by: Zamnek

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What should you wear?
  2. Which color of skin you are?
  3. What mario game you would appear?
  4. What team you have joined?
  5. Do you liked this quiz?
  6. WHICH character much you want to be?
  7. Next steps will be stupid and hard to read what you will do?
  8. Do you are evil or good?
  9. You seeing a Koopa what you would do?
  10. You found one of koopalings castle And came to their rooms what you would do with them?
  11. LAST: What you character want to be IF MARIO WAS BEEN IN REAL LIFE

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Quiz topic: What mario character am I?