How much do you know about Mario Builder?

There are players that know a lot about Mario over here. And there are guys who don't. I think you might know about Mario Builder. If you don't, skip this quiz. If you do, do the quiz!

This quiz is all about Mario Builder. This quiz should not be to hard, and you can won't have to take the quiz to seriusly. Have fun, and don't wet your pants.

Created by: Minuy600

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  1. One of the 5 enemies is new. Which one?
  2. Which of the versions from Mario Builder is the current one?
  3. How many levels can you create in one game? (Excluding bonus levels)
  4. And how many worlds?
  5. There are 4 new powerups in Mario Builder. 1 of them is listed in this question. Which one is new?
  6. Can you do fullscreen mode on Mario Builder?
  7. Is multiplayer present in Mario Builder?
  8. From which games do the graphics come from?
  9. How many blocks appear in Mario Builder?
  10. And how many baddies?
  11. And how many power-ups?
  12. Do calm, glad, sad and angry variations of baddies appear?
  13. From which game is the Bowser boss?
  14. hurr durr

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Mario Builder?