Do you know MORE Mario?

If my first quiz wasn't enough, you don't know the Lost Levels equivalent of my first quiz. Only true Mario players can be able to pass my quiz. Are you one of them?

You think you know MORE Mario? You think you can answer MORE questions about him. You think you can earn the title of TRUE MARIO PLAYER? We shall find out... Good Luck!

Created by: MarioFan98

  1. Ok, here we go. Other than the Olympic Games, did Mario have a game with another video game series?
  2. Main Frame! If Mario had a game with a different Series, who did he have it with?
  3. Out with the old and in with the new! What colors did Mario have BEFORE his current gear?(Shirt/Overalls)
  4. Happy Birthday to you! When Mario had his 25th anniversary, what were BOTH consoles that Nintendo made in celebration?
  5. Mario? Factory? Get Real!... If Mario had a factory, what did it produce?
  6. Sport Shorts! What was the ONLY sport Mario didn't perform in?
  7. Right game, Wrong title! What Mario game had NOTHING to do with the real game?
  8. Final, and Hardest Question! How many games, not counting future ones, has Mario been in?

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Quiz topic: Do I know MORE Mario?