The Super-Super Mario Quiz

"There are many smart Mario Fans, but few true Mario Fans. Mario Fans is, after all, quite exceptional. What is a Mario Fan? A Mario Fan is someone who has an extraordinarily clever mind, is able to know all of these Mario stuff! And see the world through Mario's eyes!

Are you a Mario Know it all? Do you have the expertise to be a true Mario fan? Let's find out.

Created by: YoshiFan
  1. Who is the Princess of Waffle Kingdom?
  2. Of 2011, What was the latest game that had Pauline's most recent appearance?
  3. In Mario Party, The mini-game where you had to run from a big boo and his ghostly minions while carrying a light bulb to the end to vanquish the Big Boo, what was the name of this mini-game?
  4. What was the newest item introduced in Mario Party 4?
  5. Where do you fight the Shrooboid Brat?
  6. Where do you face Koopa the Quick the second time after you beat him in Bob-omb battlefield?
  7. In Super Mario Land, who was the final boss?
  8. What was the first ONLINE Mario game?
  9. What was the name of the princess you had to rescue in Donkey Kong?
  10. A koopaling made a cameo appearance in Super Mario Sunshine, who was this Koopaling? (Bowser Jr., is not considered a Koopa).

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