How well do you know Super Mario Bros?

There isn't a single person in this wrold (whether you play video games or not) that hasn't heard of Mario and the Mario series. But how much do you know exactly? Well, you've come to the right place!

I personally think i made this quiz too easy, but you never know who is going to take the quiz, so why don't you start? I am saying stuff I'm saying stuff

Created by: ILosovic Stayne

  1. First off, what is Mario's occupation?
  2. What Animal is Bowser?
  3. What does the fire flower do?
  4. What game did Mario first appear in?
  5. What system was the first mario game for?
  6. Mario can fly in which game?
  7. True or False, Luigi is Mario's younger brother
  8. In Super Mario bros for the DS, what mushroom gives you the ability to shrink?
  9. In Super Smash Brother's brawl, can Mario still use his cape?
  10. Last Question (Doesn't count) Was this quiz hard?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Super Mario Bros?