SM64 Modding Knowledge

Many people may have had a try at Super Mario 64 hacking/modding, but how much do they actually know? This test covers much about geometrical perspective but also varies over compiled behavioral and assembly code.

Do you really know as much as you think you do from modding Super Mario 64 for so long? Find out and see if you're worthy of saying so yourself! It's quick!

Created by: Trenavix
  1. Which behavioral command is relevant to pointing to animation layouts?
  2. What graphics engine does SM64 utilize?
  3. Which command is the correct level script command in which an object is placed?
  4. What is the maximum resolution of a texture tile that Fast3D can display? (Not further versions such as EX or EX2)
  5. What can be used to view a ROM's current RAM values?
  6. What 0x15 parameter allows vertex transparency? (Alpha value less than 0xFF)
  7. What display list command loads RGB values that are applied to vector normals?
  8. What assembly code is used in the compiled SM64 ROM?
  9. How do you find a bank address?
  10. What command allows vertex RGB rather than normals when used with a parameter of 0x[02 00 00] or 0x[02 20 00]?
  11. Which game used the same sequence format as SM64? (Music data)
  12. Which instrument list within the original ROM had a pan flute?
  13. How is each background constructed in the original ROM?
  14. In which version of the obj importer was the effect of vertex normals added?
  15. What do the third pair of bytes in a compiled vertex represent in any version of Fast3D?
  16. Who was the creator of the first well-known SM64 modding tool, Toad's Tool 64?
  17. What are geometry layouts?
  18. What are display lists?
  19. How many vertices are loaded in each 0x04 by using frauber's obj importer, and how many can be loaded max in F3D(Not EX or EX2)?
  20. How do you expand a RAM bank?

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