How much do you know about Eragon?

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Quite a few people think they know their Alagaesia, but most are just tricking themselves. It starts out easy, then gets hard, and then easy again. See if you really have what it takes to match the knowledge of Heslant the Monk.

I still don't see the point of a second paragraph. To increase your Inheritance knowledge, study the Inheriwiki online. Oh, and I know this is rather easy. I wanted to do it with only my own personal knowledge, and things can never come to mind when you need them.

Created by: Elliryanna

  1. Okay, it starts out easy. Who was the ruler of the elves before Islanzadi?
  2. What memory did Thorn share with Saphira when he and Murtagh were about to depart?
  3. What was the group of elves called that protected their poems and songs?
  4. What is the name of the glyphs of the Ancient Language? (The elves' name for the script they write in)
  5. How many characters were in the elves' script?
  6. What color was Glaerun's dragon?
  7. Did Thuviel explode to help conceal the Vault of Souls?
  8. Which of the Wyrdfell is not a human?
  9. How many of the Forsworn died because of Thuviel's explosion?
  10. Why can we not remember the Forsworns' dragons' names?
  11. What was Durza's name before he was a shade?
  12. Who was Galbatorix's first dragon?
  13. What is the Supernatural War?
  14. Where did the dwarves first live?
  15. Who were the first peoples to come to Alagaesia by sea?
  16. What was the elves original home?
  17. Who was Torkenbrand?
  18. Prior to the Empire, what was the human's kingdom called?
  19. Which dragon fought a sea serpent during the Age of the Dragon Riders?
  20. Who was Eragon's dragon?
  21. Which of these two is a black dragon?
  22. Was the Rider War before, after, or during the reign of The Broddring Kingdom? Hint- NOT the war that led to the establishment of the Empire
  23. What are the Bolvek?
  24. Who is Maghara's son? Hint- Maghara is part of an Urgal legend. She was ugly, and wanted to be beautiful, so long story short, she promised her son to the gods if she could be pretty, then lost both her beauty and son when she refused to give him up.
  25. Did you enjoy the Eragon movie?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Eragon?