This is to test your knowledge of the book series Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus. Hopefully you find this entertaining and I hope it will test your knowledge on The series.

Try to use your knowledge of the books to get the answers right and hopefully you will notice what you remembered and did not. Good luck i wish you the best !

Created by: Cylpso

  1. What did Luke ask before he died?
  2. Annabeth got help in the Mark of Athena from who ?
  3. In the Lightning Thief Ares gave them a ride west what happened?
  4. Hylla (reyna's sister) is first mentioned ..
  5. Leo likes ..
  6. Who is Dylan ?
  7. Jason son of Jupiter has got hurt by ..
  8. Piper's Dad's assistant is
  9. Hazel was bullied by
  10. Annabeth got scared by Percy when ...
  11. Rachel was..
  12. Frank was preparing to die when ...
  13. Nico is ...
  14. Not even Hera can make Percy ...

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